MEN: Pennant Results for 12th March 2017

It was great to see the Sun rise again, maybe ???? .

With the phone call from Deep Fryer, I’m in the middle of the triathlon, the tone of the day was set.

J Mac played steady golf for a solid 5/4 win, PJ was up and down like the hills, nearly pulling off a great square, great effort Jukes.

PB (Bushy) was playing par golf and still not able to break ahead, you just can not beat a better golfer sometimes.

Deep Fryer was still trying to run Push bikes over, struggling to settle into his mission, going down 5/4.

PK was ably assisted by young Matty (Alability Caddy Program) fought it out to the 18th for a 1 up win.

Shanker, after warming up and feeling good, found his body was not going to let it happen today, having to pull out on the 14th, down 5/3.

Marky Bright, strangely not giving shots, drove out his game to the 18th, going 2 up.  Many thanks to Donna for her caddy efforts.

Next week we play at Maroochy River – 7.45 am hit off against Noosa Springs.  Let’s try to get there at 6.45 am, practice fill paper-work, etc.

Mark and Shane will have a rest, well-done troopers.

Peter Kennedy
Peter Fryer
Peter Buchbach
Peter Jeucken
Geoff Linde
Ray Nolan
Jeff McDonald

Reserves from Gus Stewart, Andy Stewart,

Practice hard and see you Saturday.