VETS (Wednesday): Results for 01/05/2024

POST TITLEVETS (Wednesday): Results for 01/05/2024
EVENT DATE:01/05/2024
GAME TYPE:2 Man Ambrose
SPONSOR/PRIZE DONOR/s‘The Happy Champers’ (Kevin Crundal, Rod Roemermann, Gary Dwyer)
WINNERSSteve Jackson & Graeme Jakins 63.25
2nd PLACEDerek Clayton & Tom Williams 64
3rd PLACEBrett LeMoy & Kerry Davies 64.25
4th PLACETony Watson & Mark Kelly 65.75
NTP – 4th HoleDerek Clayton
NTP – 6th HolePaul O’Hare
NTP – 7th HoleMark Kelly
NTP – 12th HolePaul O’Hare
NTP – 13th HoleJim Searle
NTP – 15th HoleKerry Davies

Welcome aboard to new member, Rod Turner.

Next week is a Single Stableford off the BLUE markers sponsored by ‘The R-Souls of Golf’ (aka Tony Bernhagen, Greg Flanagan, Ray Lally, John Curtis, Geoff Cowan).

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