VETS: Results for 3rd July 2024

EVENT DATE:03/07/2024
GAME:Monthly Medal
MONTH:2024 07
SPONSOR/PRIZE DONOR/s“The Bush Boys” (Glen Johnstone, Jim Gregg, Jim Prendergast, Bruce Wilshire, Dennis Beckhaus, Phil Mason, Con Russell, Kevin Crundall, Gary Webster, Grant Smallacombe, Philip Thompson, Timothy Rutledge)
A GRADE WinnerBrett LeMoy 71
Runner UpKerry Davies 72
B GRADE WinnerGreg Flanagan 72
Runner UpDerek Wood 72
C GRADE WinnerCon Russell 72
Runner UpPaul O’Hare
NTP – 3rd HoleMark Kelly (Sweeney Todd Barber)
NTP – 4th HoleTony Watson (Richies Bakery)
NTP – 7th HoleCon Russell
NTP – 10th HoleKerry Davies (Cooroy Harvest Fresh)
NTP – 12th HoleGreg Flanagan
NTP – 13th HoleKent Griffith
NTP – 15th HoleDon Clelland (Noosa Outlook Prestige Meats)

Welcome to new Vets Members in Rod Waldron.

Cold blustery weather depleted what was 93 down to 62 starters. Those who did play managed to dodge the rain, and the scores were an indication of the weather conditions.