From The Shed – June 2024

Finally, a month not headlined by massive rainfall totals, with only 46mm of rain falling since my last report. Cold mornings with beautiful sunny days see the course in great condition. It is a credit to my staff after facing three months of extreme weather that the course is in its current condition. This has certainly been evident with the increased golf traffic over the past month.

Of course, our focus is the Cooroy Womens Open this week 20/06/2024 and the looming Mens Cooroy Open in July.


  • Height of cut 4mm.
  • Exceptionally happy with overall health.
  • Culturally mowing practices decreased.
  • 1 perimeter cut per week.
  • Dew brooming on days not mowed.
  • Rolling twice a week.
  • Fungicide application early June and again late June.
  • Silica Phosphorus and calcium applied for plant strength.
  • Root hormone to be applied in coming weeks.
  • Hand watering twice weekly.
  • Hand application wetting agent tablets applied monthly.
  • Will be spike after Ladies Cooroy Open.
  • Greens 16 and 4 Turf Doctored.
  • Turf Doctoring to continue on practice green.


  • Height of cut 12mm.
  • Will be aerated after Cooroy Ladies Open
  • Liquid fertilised first week of June.
  • Oversown first week of June.
  • Culturally mowed twice weekly.
  • Spot herbicide applications to continue (crowsfoot).
  • Fungicide applied mid-June.


  • Height cut of 10mm.
  • Will be aerated after Cooroy Ladies Open
  • Liquid fertilised first week of June
  • Fungicide applied mid June.
  • Culturally mowed twice weekly.
  • Selectively patch oversown early June.
  • Moisture control high priority.


  • Height of cut 14mm.
  • Aerated 15/04/2024, 7/05/2024 and 4/06/2024.
  • Liquid fertiliser applied on the second week of June.
  • Aeration and liquid amendments to continue.
  • Traffic control during wet weather a major reason fairways are in the condition they are.
  • Culturally mowed once weekly.
  • Stalk controlled when needed.


  • Height of cut 51mm.
  • Monitored for growth and mown when needed.
  • Will be kept thick for both Opens.


  • 4, 5, 15, 16 bunkers new sand added first week of June.
  • Edged, sniped, faced, and hand-weeded in early June.
  • Raked daily.


  • New John Deere 4066r Tractor – loan progressing.
  • Parts ordered for Kubota 2410 tractor oil leak.
  • No major breakdowns last month.
  • Preventative maintenance on point.


  • Dale Scanlan leaves Thursday, 20 June 2024.
  • Student, Jack Priestly to join us over the school holidays.


  • Protection of solar panels at the compound is to start next week.
  • Topsoil delivered for the fairway mounding project.
  • Awaiting machinery hire quote for the fairway mounding project.
  • Furniture at Marty’s Hut painted
  • A new bridge on 7 installed
  • Signage for the new bridge on 7 installed.
  • Trip hazard at the clubhouse to be completed in coming weeks.
  • Irrigation main line leak 1st fairway to be fixed after Ladies Open.