From The Shed – April 2024

507mm fell in March with 22 of 30 days with rain falling. There were also 14 consecutive days of rain during this period. 47mm has fallen in April, bringing our yearly rainfall total to an amazing 1136mm. Incredibly the course has held up to this deluge. My staff need to be highly commended during this period. They are a big reason the course is in such good shape. I would also like to personally thank Greens Director Andrew Dick for giving up his time to inspect the course with me and understand the challenges we face during these tough times.

To golf captains, thank you also for understanding and giving up your time to inspect the course and respect my decisions on course and cart closures. And thanks also to the committee
for your support during this time.

Our focus now turns to the cooler months and our big golfing months and in particular, the Cooroy Opens.


• Recovery from recent disease infestation has been slower than expected but is recovering well.
• Greens groomed.
• Granular magnesium/calcium to be applied in coming weeks.
• Liquid phosphite applied for plant strength.
• Liquid nutrients to be applied next week.
• Greens to be spiked this week starting 15/04/2024.
• Fungicides applied.
• Rolling to increase.
• Spot spraying to continue.
• Will be groomed again week starting 22/04/2024.
• Regular spiking from now through July.


• Have been most affected during the wet period.
• Aerated first week in March.
• Will be aerated this week 15/04/2024.
• Have been over-sowed with rye grass during we period.
• Fungicide application in coming weeks
• Selective herbicide applications to continue.
• Regular over-sowing to continue.


• Will be aerated in this week starting 15/04/2024.
• Selective herbicide applications to continue.
• Fungicide application in coming weeks.
• Liquid nutrients to be applied in the coming weeks.


• Aerated 15/02/2024 and 14/03/2024.
• Will be aerated this week starting 15/04/2024.
• Granular nutrients were added in March.
• Regular liquid nutrients will be applied monthly.
• Traffic control/cart control has aided in the health of the grass.


• Have been extremely wet.
• Definition at a premium.
• Root pruner (hopefully) in the coming weeks.


• Nightmare during the wet period.
• Water pumped out at every opportunity.
• Rotary hoed 9/04/2024.
• Will have new sand added in May.


• Purchase of new John Deere 4066R Tractor with 4 in 1 Grab Bucket in progress.
• Will trade Kubota 3380 only.
• Have decided to keep the Kubota B2410 tractor due to its versatility.
• All other machinery working fine with no significant breakdowns.


• To be commended on efforts during a very tough time.
• Time in lieu worked exceptionally during this period.
• Personal development plans to continue.
• Volunteers to be congratulated on their efforts during this time.
Dale Scanlan will be leaving us on 05/06/2024.

• Mounding system on hold due to weather.
• Tee sign cleaning and sealing complete.
• Distance markers painted.
• Martys Hut cleaned and ready for painting.
• Tee sign posts painted this week.
• Marty’s hut is to be painted in the coming weeks.
• In-ground tee markers to be painted in the coming weeks.
• Washdown bay pit completed.
• Concrete Cart path extensions on 4 and 11 pushed back until May.
• Electrical works completed in the Greenkeepers compound. Replacement of the shed solar system is complete..

Warren Smith – Course Superintendent