WOMEN (Tuesday Club) – Results for 24th November 2015

Only one more week to go and our Tuesday Competitions finish for the year and doesn’t it seem as if the year has flown.  Once again we had a really good field of 27 Players.

It is so much fun to have these novelty events especially at the end of the year when everyone is winding down.  Everything is now in place to kick start 2016 and we are looking forward to having even more players join our Tuesday Club.

Just a reminder to everyone that our joint Christmas Lunch is on Tuesday 8th December and all monies must be in by next Tuesday 1st December.  Also don’t forget to bring a small gift for Kabara.

Event: Irish Stableford 3 Ball – front nine.

Winners: Anne Winning, Maz Hawkins, Margie Lucas (43).

Runners-Up: Juanita Langford, Aileen Morton, Barb Johnstone (39).

Run Down:
Carole Werry, Sue Sendall, Sandy Viney (36)
Lyn Becker, Maria Taurer, Eve Hunt (33).

Approaches: Maria Taurer, Lyn Becker, Eve Hunt.

Gobblers: Maz Hawkins, Anne Winning, Margie Lucas.

Juanita Langford – Tuesday Coordinator.