WOMEN (Thursday): Results for 1st September 2016

Event – Monthly Medal – Stroke and Putts

Trophy – C. Sykes


Division 1 Medal – L. Blackmore (71)

Division 2 Medal – M. Willett (70)

Division 3 Medal – L. Hill (68)


Putting – S. Zulpo (28)


Nett Event Winner – L. Hill (68)


Runner up – C. Sykes (69)


Rundown – M. Willett(70), K. Brock(71), L. Blackmore(71), L. Dawson(71), C. Clark(72), F. Wiggins(72), M.Taurer(72), S. Piggott(72), S. Zulpo(73), F. Buchanan(73)


Approaches – C. Clark, W. Brown, A. Morton


Congratulations to all players – a great effort. It was wonderful to have 35 players today including two visitors and a new member.


Best of luck to all players heading to Gympie tomorrow in the Nett Pennant match – your support is very much appreciated.


Wendy O’Hare – Golf Director