Wildlife and Environmental Initiatives

An important part of the Cooroy Golf Club Mission is that;

‘We contribute to the sustainability and unique beauty of the Noosa Hinterland through responsible management of our environmental footprint.”

Last year the club undertook a project with Noosa And District Landcare to mitigate creek bank erosion through a planting initiative.  Further initiatives are underway with Noosa and District Landcare to enhance creek banks and surrounding habitat and add to the experience of playing the course.

With the assistance of Llew O’Brien MP, the club recently received a grant under the Federal Government’s Stronger Communities Program and the Communities Environment Program initiatives supporting local projects.  Cooroy Golf Club is using the grant to undertake rehabilitation and environmental work on the stretch of creek adjacent to the 4th fairway and 3rd green.

The aim is to (1) improve the health of the waterway and surrounds (2) create a desirable aquatic and terrestrial habitat for native wildlife to enjoy and thrive ( 3) create unique ‘features’ that add to the aesthetics of the area.

The work includes planting of grasses, reeds, sedge’s and under-story plants such as common flax lilly, matt rush, river lilly, richmond birdwing butterfly vine, midyim berry, native rosemary, prickly-leaved paperbark, thyme honey myrtle, grevillea, along the waterway and surrounds.  These are highly effective in filtering and absorbing sediments and surface runoff and attracting and supporting wildlife.

The club has installed a variety of nest boxes in the area to attract wildlife and established native bee colonies that benefit native flora.  Tadpole traps placed in ponds and creeks are aimed at reducing the impact of cane toads on native wildlife.

Earlier this month Llew O’Brien visited Cooroy Golf Club to see work well advanced in completing stage 1 of the project.   The club is seeking funding for stage 2 which will focus on the creek bed and improving and managing water flows.

Cooroy Golf Club is committed to achieving positive long term environmental outcomes and playing a part in a stronger, inclusive community.