VOLUNTEERS: Working Bees – 31st October and 1st November

A major greens renovation is planned for Monday, October 31st and November 1st.   As a result the course will be closed on both days.

An external contractor will work alongside Green staff to double scarify, broom, aerate with ½ inch hollow tines and broom off again. Once this is complete, Green staff and volunteers will top-dress and apply granular fertilizer and soil amendments.

Monday, 31st October – need 6-8 volunteers from 7am to at least 4-5pm to help clean up scarifying and coring.

Tuesday, 1st November – need 4-5 volunteers from 7am to at least 4-5pm to help top dressing, granular fertilizer and soil amendments applications.

Meet at the shed.

The more volunteers will make this process easier and with the course being closed, there will be other jobs that can be done to take advantage of having no golfers there.

Co-ordinator: Warren Smith mobile 0402 141 686 email: shed@cooroygolf.com.au

Please let Warren know in advance if you will be attending to assist organisation of these days.