VETS: Week ending 21st May 2016


Well done Terry Hymas for your great score of 43 points with just 3 clubs and a putter.

We will be looking for even greater things from you next week when you go back to carrying a full bag of clubs.

Something I learnt today: Beware of success as there are many people out there who are determined to bring you down to their level.

RESULTS for 18th MAY 2016

Event: Stableford – 3 Clubs and Putter
Prize Donor: Graham Laing
Field: 74

Winners: A Grade – Greg Flanagan 39, B Grade – Paul O’Hare 39, C Grade – Terry Hymas 43
Runners Up: A Grade – Greg Michael 39, B Grade – Paddy Knapp 37, C Grade – Bob Read 37

Run Down to 35: John Butler, Peter Reilly, Bruce Wilshire, John Stewart, Terry Wilson, Ron Bourne, Peter Kennedy, Graham Laing, Ian Lumsden, Bruce McLean, Ian McMullen


4th (Richies Bakery/Fox & Hound Espresso) – John Stewart
6th – Tom Murphy
7th – Ray Nolan
10th (Cooroy Harvest Fresh) – Paddy Knapp
12th – Jason Egan
13th (Cooroy Golf Club) – Brian McMillan
15th (Noosa Outlook Prestige Meat) – Grant Smallacombe

Captain’s Choice: Bob Noble

Longest Putt – 18th: Errol Radley

Lucky Draw: Phil Mason, John Round, Bruce Wilshire, Con Russell