VETS (Wednesday): Results for 20/09/2023

EVENT DATE:20/09/2023
EVENTInternationals vs Aussies
SPONSOR/PRIZE DONOR/s‘The Shankers’ (Grant Smallacombe & Kevin Crundall)
A GRADE WinnerBrett LeMoy 41
Runner UpRuss Rylance 40
3rd PlaceBronco Price 40
B GRADE WinnerGarry Stephens 41
Runner UpTrevor Kinneally 40
3rd PlaceTony Foster 39
C GRADE WinnerMike O’Donnell 42
Runner UpKevbin Crundall 41
3rd PlaceJoe Daniels 40
NTP – 1st HoleA – Tony Bernhagen, B – Ross Maloney, C – Dennis Beckhaus
NTP – 3rd HoleTerry Wilson (Sweeney Todd Barber)
NTP – 4th HoleTony Atkins (Richies Bakery)
NTP – 6th HoleGary Menyweather
NTP – 7th HoleTom Williams
NTP – 10th HoleSteve Paice (Cooroy Harvest Fresh)
NTP – 12th HoleBruce McLean
NTP – 13th HoleRuss Rylance
NTP – 15th HoleMichael Lunney (Noosa Outlook Prestige Meats)

NTP 8th (Angove Wines): Ron Blount

The International All-Stars team led by Jimmy Henderson win the ‘Internationals vs. Aussie Challenge’