VETS (Wednesday): Results for 10/10/2023

EVENT DATE:10/10/2023
EVENT‘All Tees’
SPONSOR/PRIZE DONOR/sThe Red October Team (Greg MIchael, Terry Lyons, Paul O’Hare, Terry Magill)
A GRADE WinnerRuss Rylance 38
Runner UpDave Lyons 38
3rd PlacePeter Jeucken37
B GRADE WinnerTony Foster 41
Runner UpPaul Williams 40
3rd PlacePeter Palmer 39
C GRADE WinnerGreg Topping 45
Runner UpDon Esposito 42
3rd PlaceBob Atkin 39
NTP – 1st HoleA – Peter Jeucken, B – Paul Williams, Tony Kershaw
NTP – 3rd HolePaul O’Hare (Sweeney Todd Barber)
NTP – 4th HoleJim Gregg (Richies Bakery)
NTP – 6th HoleBronco Price
NTP – 7th HoleDoug Pearce
NTP – 10th HoleJim Gregg (Cooroy Harvest Fresh)
NTP – 12th HoleGeoff Pembroke
NTP – 13th HoleGreg Topping
NTP – 15th HoleGavin Slater (Noosa Outlook Prestige Meats)

Having the choice of 4 different tee options, provided a bit of variety and seemed to be very popular amongst players.

Thanks to our sponsors, The Red October Team, for adding a very enjoyable feature to this game.  No one hit the Red Submarine. Interestingly, one player aimed for the submarine and missed the water completely, with his ball ending up in the general play area.