VETS (Wednesday): Results for 06/10/2021

EVENT DATE:06/10/2021
EVENTRed Course Day (off the red tees)
SPONSOR/PRIZE DONOR/s‘The Red October Team’ (Terry Lyons, Paul O’Hare, Terry Magill, Greg Michael)
A GRADE WinnerDave Lyons 42
Runner UpPeter Jeucken 39
3rd PlaceKelvin Brittain 38
B GRADE WinnerDavid Attrill 39 c/b
Runner UpRex Williams 39
3rd PlaceTrevor Kinneally 38
C GRADE WinnerGraeme Osborne 44
Runner UpKevin Crundall 41
3rd PlaceRon Blount 40

Richard Gibson, Grathan Leatherbarrow, Bob Noble, Peter Brown, Gary Menyweather, Mark Woolway, Dale Rickard, Paul O’Hare, Lance Horn, Doug Pearce, Joe Daniels, Andrew Carson, Hans Herrle, Kevin Pickford, Geoff Cowan, Gary Webster, John McNamara, Steve Paice

NTP – 3rd HoleGreg Michael
NTP – 4th HoleTerry Magill
NTP – 6th HoleDerek Wood
NTP – 7th HoleJoe Daniels
NTP – 10th HolePeter Brown
NTP – 12th HoleKent Griffith
NTP – 13th HoleTony Kershaw
NTP – 15th HoleWayne McKinnon

Great weather for our ‘Red Course Day’ with lots of good scores.

Unfortunately no one hit the target on the submarine in the 10th dam.

There were however, lots of birdies on Red Flag holes: Andy Stewart, Kerry Martin, Greg Michael, Michael Lunney, John Butler, Geoff Cowan, Tony Kershaw, Mike O’Donnell, Bret LeMoy, Steve Paice, Ray Lally.  Dave Lyons picked up two birdies.