VETS: Newsletter week ending 4th August 2018


Our best performer, Jason Egan, placed 3rd in B grade with 38 points on a c/b from Dave LyonsDavid Attrill also had 38 points but didn’t place.

NTPs went to Andrew Aves and Phil Botting.

Balls in the rundown (to 34) went to: David Attrill, Greg Michael, Rex Williams, Lance Horn, Brad Lavender, Don Clelland and Terry Lyons.

Terry Lyons and Lance Horn also won raffle prizes.

RESULTS for 1st AUGUST 2018

Event: Stableford & R1 Old Course Challenge
Prize Donors: Andrew Dick, Mike Smith, John Dangar
Field: 78

A Grade: Winner – Tony Hayes 44, Runner Up – Rex Williams 42, 3rd Place – Graham Laing 42
B Grade: Winner – Bruce Wilshire 43, Runner Up – Paul O’Hare 40, 3rd Place – Phil Mason 39
C Grade: Winner – Joe Daniels 42, Runner Up – Ray Glover 39, 3rd Place – Andrew Aves 38

Run Down to 36: Tony Bernhagen, Terry Magill, Ron Blount, Brad Lavender, Lionel Willett, Steve Howes, Andre Smit, Don Clelland, Greg Michael, John O’Donoghue, Dale Rickard


4th(Richies Bakery) A Skinner
Tom Murphy
7th Bill Smith (vis)
10th – (Cooroy Harvest Fresh) Derek Wood
12th –  Don Clelland
13th – (Strawberries for Pigs) – Geoff Cowan
15th (Noosa Outlook Prestige Meats) Kev Tonkin

Lucky Draw: John Stewart, Geoff Cowan, Paddy Knapp, Greg Flanagan


Thanks to Grant and John Kelly we now have a magnificent perpetual trophy for the ‘Old Course Challenge’ which was inaugurated in 2017 .  The winner gets to take the trophy home for 12 months.

Unfortunately 2017 winner, Lance Horn (picture), only gets to take it home for a week but long enough to show his wife that he is actually quite a good golfer.

The Cooroy Veterans Golf Club was formed in 1984 by foundation members Lionel Willett and Ed Otto.

There was just a handful of members and, by 1991 the number had grown to 35.  In 2017 we had 135 members.