VETS: Newsletter week ending 3rd November 2018


Event: 2 Man Ambrose
Sponsor: Kevin Crundall, Rod Roemermann, Mike Miklenda
Field: 83

Winners: Jim Gregg/Phil Mason – 59

Runners Up: Mike Smith/Andrew Dick – 59½

3rd Place: Roman Pajak/Peter Buchbach – 60

Rundown to 62½: Errol Radley/Wayne McKinnon, Graeme Caffyn/Michael Hill, Peter Jeucken/Ray Nolan, Greg Michael/Terry Lyons, Terry Magill/Paul O’Hare, Brian Clemow/John Cairns, Bob Noble/Keith Harkins


1st (Thai Tong Restaurant) Gary Dwyer
4th (Richies Bakery) Paddy Knapp
6th Wayne McKinnon
7th Don Clelland
10th (Cooroy Harvest Fresh) Rex Williams
12th Ossie Osborne
15th (Noosa Outlook Prestige Meats) ?

Lucky Draw: Tony Bernhagen, Tony Foster, John Round, Paul O’Hare


With a field of 140 the ‘men in green’ produced excellent results.

Graham’s 48 and Derek’s 44 were exceptional. Andy Stewart’s bionic back looks to be holding up well.

Andy Stewart 41 – 3rd place A Grade
Graham Laing 48 – Winner B Grade
Jason Egan 42 – 3rd Place B Grade

Derek Wood 44 – Runner Up C Grade
Jim Henderson 41 – Runner Up D Grade

Derek Wood also collected a NTP on 12th.

From all accounts Dale Rickard’s ‘fog machine’ (aka golf cart) would have come in handy to intimidate the hoards of marauding mosquitoes on the course.