VETS: Newsletter week ending 19th January 2019

NEXT WEDNESDAY, 23rd January 2019

Next Wednesday is a 2 Man Ambrose, 8:00 am shotgun, free sausage sizzle and our Australia Day celebration so wear something ‘Aussie’.

The BBQ cooks (Andrew Dick, Mike Smith, Ian Mulhall and Rod Booth) will be heading out early so they can squeeze in a game before preparing the sausage sizzle.  If you encounter them please give them right of way.


Event: Stableford
Prize Donor: Graeme ‘Ozzie’ Osborne
Field: 84

A Grade: Winner – John Wuersching 40, Runner Up –Errol Radley 39, 3rd Place – Andrew Dick 37 c/b
B Grade: Winner – Doug Pearce 43 c/bRunner Up –Roman Pajak 43, 3rd Place – Ray Hand 42
C Grade: Winner – Len Highland 43, Runner Up – Bob Read 41 c/b, 3rd Place – Glen Johnstone 41

Run Down to 38: Terry Wilson, Bill Galvin, Dave Lyons, Kim Bannikoff, Mike Hill, John McNamara, Steve Howes, Andrew Aves, Jim Prendergast, Bob Atkin, Geoff Cowan


1st(Richies Bakery) – Don Clelland
3rd (Sweeney Todd Barber) – Bruce McLean
(Richies Bakery) – Jack Ruig
6th (Vets) – Mike Smith
7th (Vets) – Peter Buchbach
10th (Cooroy Harvest Fresh) – Roman Pajak
12th (Vets) – Bob Atkin
13th (Park Wine) – Ossie Osborne
15th (Noosa Outlook Prestige Meats) – Terry Magill

Lucky Draw: Phil Mason, Paddy Knapp, Roman Pajak, Mike Kent


42 Cooroy Vets travelled south for a great day at Pelican Waters for moderate success.

Terry Wilson 37 – 6th Division 2

Ken McKay – NTP 6th

Bob Atkin – Raffle

The following players each won a ball in the lucky draw.

Peter Piggott, Graham Laing, Mike Smith, Greg Flanagan, Dave Lyons, Greg Michael, Steve Taylor, Bob Atkin, Tony Hayes, Lance Horn, Michael Loe, Andrew Dick, Don Clelland and Tony Foster.

Unfortunately, to our embarrassment six nominated Cooroy players failed to show without notification.  There will be repercussions.

Geoff Edwards, Errol Radley, Wayne McKinnon, Russ Rylance, Peter Jeucken and Jack Ruig.

The Vets management committee and District management take a very dim view of ‘no shows’ because a significant organisational effort is required by the host club to successfully run these events.  Repeat offenders could face suspension in future.