Management Committee Appointments

The Management Committee wish to notify club members of recent changes to the Committee membership.  In the past 3 weeks there have been two resignations from the committee.  Aileen Morton has resigned as club Secretary and Paul Dudman has resigned as club President.

We wish to thank both of them for their valuable contributions to the management of Cooroy Golf Club.  Special thanks go to Aileen who has put considerable time and effort into the secretary’s job over the past 4 years.  We hope that both Paul and Aileen continue to enjoy playing the wonderful game of golf at Cooroy Golf Club.

The Cooroy Golf Club Constitution states that “in the event of any casual vacancy in the Officers of The Club the Management Committee may appoint any Life or Ordinary Member to fill such position”.  The appointee fills the position for the duration of the remainder of the term of appointment of the person who has been replaced, i.e. in these cases, until the 2019 AGM.

Andrew Dick has volunteered for the position of Secretary and Jason Egan has volunteered for the position of President.  Many thanks to both of them for stepping forward when the need arose.  They will both be formally appointed by nomination and vote at the Management Committee meeting on Tuesday 22nd January.

Cooroy Golf Club has a long, proud history as a friendly and welcoming club.  You, the club members, are a great group of people and the new Management Committee look forward to your support as we all work together to ensure that the club has a bright future.


The Management Committee.