NEWSLETTER week ended 16th November 2013 (Vets)


A good week of Golf with 38 of our players turning up on Monday, followed up with nearly 60 players on Wednesday at Cooroy, while 22 played in the Host Day at Tewantin/Noosa.

We were a bit short on Committee members at Cooroy, so it was great to see Jim Henderson come in early and help out with the player registrations before heading off to Tewantin for his game. Also thanks to John Butler and his group for sorting out the cards while I was still out on the course, and to our retired Vice-Captain Steve Howes for his help during the presentations and entering the results into GolfLink.

Unfortunately I had to disqualify one of our players for a breach of rule 6-2b. The player would have won the A-Grade Competition if he had not breached the rule. It only takes a few minutes to check your card properly after your round. 


Event: Stableford

Prizes: Cooroy Vets

Les Terrans had a ‘Jimmy Henderson’ senior moment on Monday when he turned up at Tewantin Noosa for their Host Day only to be told that it was on Wednesday.  Les trumped Jimmy however as he wasn’t actually nominated to play at Tewantin Noosa but fortunately had arrived there early enough to make it back to Cooroy for a game and play well enough to win a ball in the run down.  If you are not familiar with the story, earlier this year Jimmy Henderson was scheduled to play in the District Team Challenge at Pelican Waters but got his ‘Ps’ mixed up and turned up at Peregian Springs but after realizing his mistake couldn’t make it to the right venue on time.  Jimmy’s excuse was that (1) he is Irish and (2) he wanted the first reserve to get a game.

Mike Smith hit some booming drives on Monday although a little wayward at times – so much so that on one occasion we had to send a taxi to get him as the walk back to our fairway would have taken too long.

Congratulations to Kevin Tonkin for an Eagle on the 14th.

Winner: Peter Piggott 44

Runner Up: Phil Botting 42

Run Down: Geoff Pembroke 40, Kevin Tonkin 40, Graham Laing 39, Les Terrans 39, Stewart Wright 39.

NTP: 4th Con Russell, 10th Ron Blount, 12th Mike McGreal.

Raffle: Rod Booth, Warren Hay

RESULTS FROM 13th NOVEMBER 2013 at Cooroy

Event: Stableford

Prizes: Cooroy Vets

There must have been something in the air, or the coffee, at Cooroy on Wednesday with some really good scores carded – 48, 45, 43, 40.

A Grade Winner: Tony Bernhagen 40 Runner Up: Jim Penman 39

B Grade Winner: Bruce Cowan 43 Runner Up: Grant Smallacombe 43

C Grade Winner: Geoff Kerr 48  Runner Up: Col Easton 45

Run Down to 38: Tony Kershaw, Bill Edwards, Garry Sheales, Warren Hay, Doug Allisone, Trevor Crosby, John Stewart, Rob Nash, John O’Donoghue, Dave Walder, Chris Simpson.

NTP: 4th John Dangar, 6th Col Easton, 7th Jim Penman, 10th Brian Curson, 12th Alex Kologaras, 13th Tony Bernhagen

Captain’s Choice – Hole 1, 2nd shot: Don Clelland

Raffle: John O’Donoghue, John McNamara, and Don Clelland

Rod Booth – Secretary/Treasurer