MEN (Saturday): Results for 31/07/2021

EVENT DATE:31/07/2021
EVENT3* Mixed Ambrose
WINNER – Division 1Thorburn,Crosby,Pronger–$40 Bunnings Ea
WINNER – Division 2Horn,Kent,Jones—$40 BC Each
RUNNER UP – Division 1McEwan,Clark,Orchard—$20 Bunnings Ea
RUNNER UP – Division 2Clemow,Pearce,Nash—$20 BC Each
PLAYERS in Rundown:

M.Lunney, D.Atrill, S.Martin, M.Davies, K.Davies, C.Davies, T.Bernhagen, M.Woolway, Lumpy, A.Smit, A.Stewart, M.Saunders, W.Ohare, POhare, T.Lyons—1 Ball Each

NTP – 4th HoleR.Rylance–2 Balls
NTP – 6th HoleS.Martin–2 Balls
NTP – 7th HoleT.Gordon–2 Balls
NTP – 10th Hole SUPER PINA.Jones—$77 BC
NTP – 12th HoleM.Kent–2 Balls
NTP – 15th HoleR.Nash– 2 Balls
APPROACHESLong Drive- L.Grainger & J.Thorburn–3 Balls Each
RAFFLE WINNERS:A.Smit, P.Jeucken, L.Cobb—1 Meat Tray Each

First and foremost, thankyou very much to our sponsors for the day SEW DIRECT. We muchly appreciate the support you have always given to our club.

Congratulations to all winners, today was a very enjoyable day especially leading into club championships.
Next week will be a 4 Man ambrose and I will make a few changes to spice things up.

Also thankyou to all players who represented this club in the District Pennants well done to both squads. Lets bring it home next year boys, and many thanks to the people who helped behind the scenes and supported our squads. Much Respect.

See you next week MD