MEN (Saturday): Results for 07/12/2019

EVENT DATE:07/12/2019
EVENTMedal of Medals
GAME TYPE:Monthly Medal
MONTH:2019 12
WINNER – A GradePaul Dudman 77/65 c/b $50b/cr+Medal
WINNER – B GradePeter Piggott 80/62 c/b $50b/cr+Medal
WINNER – C GradePeter O”Connor 83/63 $50b/cr+Medal
RUNNER UP – A GradeKelvin Brittain 78/65c/b $25Wright Meats
RUNNER UP – B GradeTom Williams 78/62c/b $25Wright Meats
RUNNER UP – C GradeRodney Roemermann 90/64 $25Wright Meats
PLAYERS in Rundown:

S.Culley 63; J.Mcdonald 64; G.Leatherbarrow 65; K.Davies 65; D.Pearce 65; M.Davies 65; B.Jesberg 66; P.Buchbach 66; R.Williams 66; M.Woolway 66; K.Griffith 66; G.Cowan 67; D.Attrill 67; G.Michael 67; K.Harkins 67; N.Linde 67; D.Wippell 67; K.Stevens 67.

NTP – 4th HoleTom Williams 2Golf Balls
NTP – 6th HoleCyril Trist Petes Cafe Voucher
NTP – 7th HoleNathan Linde 3Golf Balls
NTP – 10th Hole SUPER PINJeff Mcdonald $73b/cr
NTP – 12th HoleNathan Linde Cooroy Hotel Voucher
NTP – 15th HoleNathan Linde 2Golf Balls
SUPER PIN JACKPOTNot Won Approx $970 next week
RAFFLE WINNERS:1: Tony Kershaw 2: Sarah Brogden 3: Lynne Dawson $20b/cr each.

What a scorching day to be playing competition golf 38 degrees but let me tell you the scoring was also scorching hot with many brilliant scores recorded you had to play well just to make the rundown! The Medal of Medals was played in great spirit and a big congatulations to PETER PIGGOTT on winning the Medal final on a countback from Tom Williams commiserations Tom. Peter your bar credit has increased by several noughts…Also congratulations to all the medal winners today! Next week is a stableford competition. Cheers Cyril/Brent.