From The Shed – December 2019

Work has commenced on changing the 17th hole over to a hybrid couch called Wintergreen. This grass type is more drought tolerant and we are able to keep out all weeds so we have one grass type. The hole will play as a par 3 for about six to eight weeks which will cause inconvenience but the end result will be a much better playing surface.

During the Spring months we undertake a Greens and Tees renovation program so that we can have the course in the best playing condition leading into the Summer months. We scarify tees to remove thatch and aerate the surface. Thatch build up occurs through the normal process of regular mowing and leaf removal. Thatch removal allows water and fertilisers to penetrate the soil and plant to improve soil condition and increase plant health. After the scarifying process we feed the plant with liquid fertiliser and apply slow release fertiliser to assist with soil nutrition.

The process for the Greens is slightly different as we remove small tubular cores of soil and grass. This process is important to relieve compaction and allow fertilisers and water to easily penetrate the soil. With the core holes exposed we are able to add our nutrient amendments and it is these amendments that assist with retaining moisture in the soil. The process of renovation of the greens is about improving the quality of the soil so that the plants root system can be at optimal health. Simply, it’s like feeding the human body with nutrition to ensure good health.

The greens are then top dressed to ensure a level playing service. Prior to these procedures we ensure the health of the soil by adding microbe nutrition program to the Greens to ensure fast recovery. The process of renovation can be a stressful time for the the plant but with right preparation beforehand the stress is minimised and the plant recovers more quickly. This renovation process also helps reduce pests and disease.

Regular monitoring of the greens throughout the year is imperative so that we can identify any problems and react quickly so that the impact is minimal. Regular application throughout the year of fungicide, insecticide and nutrition keeps the plants at their best.

Recent coring of greens has seen them recover noticeably quicker than in the past proving the process works. Well done Todd and the boys.