MEN (Saturday): Results for 3rd June 2017

EVENT DATE:03/06/2017
GAME TYPE:Monthly Medal
MONTH:2017 06
WINNER – A GradeMark Bright 67 c/b
WINNER – B GradeGary Dayman 69
WINNER – C GradeCraig Black 66
RUNNER UP – A GradeGearge Hall 67 c/b
RUNNER UP – B GradeTony Foster 70
RUNNER UP – C GradeBrendan Peters (vis) 64
PLAYERS in Rundown: 

G. Mills 67. A. Thin 68, D.Wippell 68, A.Linde 69, T. Gordon 69, B. Robertson 69, R. Nash 71, G. Stewart 71, M. Woolway 71, G. Finn 71, R. Nolan 71, J. Stewart 71, N. Rothwell ( Junior comp)

NTP – 4th Hole (Acktion Fire Alarms)John Cairns 2balls
NTP – 6th HoleJack Timms 2balls
NTP – 7th Hole (Coopers Brewery)Bruce McLean coopers 6pk
NTP – 10th HoleKeith Wight 2balls
NTP – 12th Hole (Cooroy Hotel)Nathan Rothwell hole-in-one $30 voucher
NTP – 15th Hole SUPER-PINKevin Stevens $66 bar credit
RAFFLE WINNERS:1. T.Gordon 2. B. Taylor 3. T.Cairns

Big day overall with 100 players; men, women & Crawford Cup play-offs. Super pin jackpot now capped at $910 (club voucher) and play-offs in progress over the next few weeks with circle size doubling each week. Excess $ go to series 2. Practise up folks. 

Congrats to our junior golfer, Nathan Rothwell, a brilliant hole in one, on the 12th hole, easily winning the voucher to Cooroy Hotel.  Let’s hope he takes his dad out to tea.

The Nominations for the Cooroy Men’s Open are filling up quickly.

This Tuesday we host the Women’s Open, come and support the girls.