MEN (Masters Pennant): Results for 8th April 2018


We almost made it back to the winners circle with a half against Maroochy River (3.5 v 3.5) at Noosa Springs today.

In keeping with the theme of the Commonwealth Games George Hall, Peter Fryer and Ray Nolan were the 3 who won Gold whilst Jeff McDonald was the .5 .

Our other guys got silver today unfortunately.

Not sure about the rest of you guys BUT I am starting to think that the best thing about today is there is only one more game to go!

Every one who has played whether you are playing in the next round or not will have their name sent to Maroochy River so you can have a practice round there to get ready for the blow that comes with playing that course.

The team will be announced mid week the week before the Maroochy River round.

Regards Jeff