GEMLIFE PROJECT: Latest Plans and Information Received

This week all the plans were received from GemLife for the new Golf Course layout. There is a great deal of detail in these plans which will take some time to examine. This will still require comprehensive discussion and negotiation with GemLife before a position can be reached by the committee.

Clearly, the Committee wishes to continue with these discussions as the GemLife proposal offers a unique opportunity to upgrade the course and build a new clubhouse. Building a new clubhouse will remove a myriad of problems with the current location, such as parking and amenities.

The plans will be posted in the Clubhouse for examination by the membership. GemLife will be available on several days to ask questions. Most likely on golf days of a Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday. There will also be an information night for those who cannot make it during the day.

Also, ask your Committee Members for detail on the pros and cons of the Proposal. This is a special opportunity for the club. We want you to give it your full consideration.

Management Committee
Cooroy Golf Club