GemLife – Cooroy Golf Club Development Application: MEDIA RELEASE

Proposed GemLife resort development is a lifeline for Cooroy Golf Club

GemLife is a successful operator of over 50’s resorts and has lodged a Development Application with Noosa Council seeking approval for a retirement resort on land next to the Cooroy Golf Club with an overall area of 11.08ha.  9.25ha of the GemLife development is proposed on vacant land and 1.83 ha is on golf course land.

As part of the development proposal, GemLife has committed to deliver numerous benefits to the Cooroy Golf Club including a new golf clubhouse, pro shop, golf buggy storage for 40 carts; new sealed 100 space car park; new entry road and course improvements. GemLife has also guaranteed 246 new golf memberships (1 for every dwelling in the GemLife resort) for a period of 10 years.

Secretary of the Cooroy Golf Club Andrew Dick said, “The Cooroy Golf Club has been experiencing a decline in membership due to an ageing membership base.  This is a unique opportunity for Council to assist in securing a sustainable economic future for the club with benefits that will ultimately flow onto members and the broader community.

The proposal also includes a full-size commercial kitchen and dining/function areas at the new Club House which will open the opportunity to host functions such as weddings, corporate and community events.

Importantly, the golf course will continue to be owned and operated by the Cooroy Golf Club.

GemLife would not have any involvement in the operation and management of the Club.  However, the GemLife contribution would enhance the long-term sustainability of the club.

The improvements to the golf course and the new club house will also allow the further enhancement of the All Abilities golf program which supports local people with disabilities and mental health challenges.  The club has proudly championed this program for the past 8 years and they meet every week to play golf and it includes a program on environmental educational, under the leadership of a dedicated group of volunteers.”

Wayne Patston has been the Cooroy Golf Club Manager for 16 years. He said, “All deliverables being committed to by GemLife have been work shopped collaboratively with the club over a period of more than 12 months.  GemLife commissioned a golf course designer to re-design the course to ensure an 18-hole course is maintained.

The Cooroy Golf Club is a not-for-profit organisation and the opportunity that this proposal provides for the club and wider community is unique, so of course we look forward to Council’s approval.  It would be extremely unfortunate for the club to miss out on this unparalleled opportunity.”

Mr Dick said, “The Cooroy Golf Club Management Committee have invited the Noosa Councillors to view the proposal and the Committee look forward to them gaining an understanding of the advantages for the Club and to the community.”

Media inquiries:

Secretary, Cooroy Golf Club Andrew Dick. Email – Manager, Cooroy Golf Club Wayne Patston, Ph 5447 6258