‘From The Shed’ – November 2023

Finally, we had some welcome rainfall. 75m falling for November. Although very, very welcome rainfall, we had very little runoff into the dams and creeks. The course has responded fantastically to the rain. Water management is still a high priority.  Click the picture to enlarge.


  • Responded to major renovations exceptionally.
  • Currently, three weeks post-major renovation
  • Major renovation completed 6-7 November
  • Scarified at 14mm (deepest most aggressive I have ever done)
  • Cored 5/8 hollow tines
  • Soil amendments added
  • 2 x topdressing
  • Planned light top dressing on Monday, 4 December
  • Selective herbicide applications to continue
  • Growth regulator applications to continue
  • Constant monitoring of soil pH and moisture to continue
  • Water management is a high-priority


  • Aerated and granular fertiliser application 21st November 2023
  • Regular aeration to continue
  • Regular applications of nutrients and soil nutrition
  • Growth regulator applications to continue fortnightly
  • Divots regularly filled

Green Surrounds

  • Aerated 21st November 2023
  • Regular applications of nutrients to continue
  • Programmed fortnightly applications of selective herbicide
  • Planned verticut Monday and Tuesday, 4 and 5 December
  • Growth regulator applications to continue


  • Aerated 20th and 21st November 2023
  • Granular fertiliser applied on 16th November 2023
  • Have improved significantly
  • Regular liquid nutrients to continue
  • Regular aeration to continue


  • Will be monitored for growth and allowed to recover from dry period
  • Will concentrate on green and tee collar mowing
  • Root pruner booked for next month
  • Stump grinding completed

Cart Paths

  • Grant work completed
  • Gardens and landscaping are to be finished in the coming weeks
  • Turf purchased but will not be laid until water quantities improve
  • All old path potholes filled


  • Breakdown and preventative maintenance are all on point
  • MEX is a huge contributor to this
  • Maerdo MT210 Aerator already proving its worth


  • Very proud of the efforts of all staff members
  • New staff member Tom Murphy is fitting in well
  • NDSHS Student Jack Priestly will join us during school holidays (part-time 2 days a week)


  • Constant nozzle and sprinkler changes to maximize water usage
  • New pump purchased to transfer water
  • Fixed 2 mainline leaks
  • Constantly improving/replacing solenoids/QCV’

Warren Smith – Course Superintendent