WOMEN (Zone Pennants): Division 2 Results for 30th April 2018

Cooroy 1

Beautiful course, perfect weather – and we had a win.  We defeated Gympie, managing to score 4 points for the day.  As usual, all games were hard fought, and the matches played in the best of competitive spirits.

The last match of the season will be at Tin Can Bay on 21 May when we play against Noosa.  Although we are not in the running for a win, I think our team has worked hard and all have enjoyed the experience and grown from it.  Thank you, players and caddies.

I will be attending Country Week from 14-16 May in Mackay and then travelling further north for my adventure so will miss out on this last day.  In the first draw issued, we were to finish on 30 April so some of us organised holidays around that.  The extra day was put in later when it was too late to change bookings. Thank you, Margie, for being a great Vice-Captain and looking after this last day.

Cooroy 1 Captain – Assunta Easton

Cooroy 2

Well, what can I say!  Mt Coolum put on a beautiful day hosting Division 2 with great weather and the course looking it’s finest. Unfortunately it just wasn’t enough to get our team on the board with Noosa Springs taking home a perfect 6 points. We had some very close games and all of us should hold our heads high as I believe we didn’t play bad golf at all. It’s just that Noosa Springs played a little better on the day. It will make for a very interesting final round at Tin Can Bay on May 21 with any one of 5 teams capable of finishing on top of the points table.

I would like to wish our players the very best of luck at Tin Can Bay and I will be with you in spirit from afar as we roam around Western Queensland.

Cooroy 2 Captain – Chris Michael