WOMEN (Thursday): Results for 6th December 2018

GAME DAYThursday
EVENT DATE:06/12/2018
GAME TYPE:Stableford
SPONSOR/PRIZE DONOR/sAssunta Easton & Club
WINNERDoone Flanagan 39 (A. Easton Trophy)
WINNERMargie Lucas 36 c/b (Club Trophy)
RUNNER UPFay Wiggins 36
PLAYERS in Rundown:Sue Piggott, Wendy O’Hare, Lynne Dawson, Chris Michael, Aileen Morton, Judy Kitcher.
Birdie Boxn/a
APPROACHES7th – Tina Thomas, 3rd – Maria Taurer, 4th – Muriel Willett, Longest Putt 2nd – Fay Wiggins

Today’s competition was played in two parts.  Assunta Easton provided a trophy for those who hadn’t won a competition during the year.

The second part was a club trophy for the entire field. Congratulations to all winners. The field was light on numbers today due to the wet and blustery weather, scores reflected the difficulties encountered by those who braved the weather.