VETS (Wednesday): Results for 27/01/2021

POST TITLEVETS (Wednesday): Results for 27/01/2021
EVENT DATE:27/01/2021
GAME TYPE:4 Man Ambrose
WINNERSJohn Butler, Graham Laing, Peter Smith, Terry Wilson 56⅜
2nd PLACEBruce Wilshire, Glen Johnstone, Dennis Beckhaus, Jim Prendergast 56½
3rd PLACEDave Chapman, Bob Atkin, Wayne Carty, R Carty 58⅛
4th PLACEDavid Tink, Richard Gibson, Mark Kelly, Kevin Pickford 58⅜
TEAMS in Rundown:

Last Place (Most Use of the Course): Rod Roemermann, Mike Miklenda, Larry McErvale 70+

NTP – 3rd HoleBruce Otto (Sweeney Todd Barber)
NTP – 4th HoleJim Prendergast(Richies Bakery)
NTP – 6th HoleWayne Carty (Cooroy Vets)
NTP – 7th HoleGlen Johnstone (Cooroy Vets)
NTP – 10th HolePeter Crosby (Cooroy Harvest Fresh)
NTP – 12th HoleRay Lally (Cooroy Vets)
NTP – 13th HoleRichard Gibson (Cooroy Vets)
NTP – 15th HoleBruce Wilshire (Noosa Outlook Meats)

Thanks to our BBQ chefs, Jimmy and Brian, for the great hamburger and beer.

The Butler 4 Man Scramble with a twist proved ‘interesting’.

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