VETS (Wednesday): Results for 23/09/2020

EVENT DATE:23/09/2020
EVENTInternationals vs Aussies
SPONSOR/PRIZE DONOR/s‘The Shankers’ (Grant Smallacombe & Terry McCulloch)
A GRADE WinnerTerry McCulloch 41
Runner UpAndy Stewart 37
3rd PlaceTony Bernhagen 36 c/b
B GRADE WinnerJohn Stewart 39
Runner UpGrant Smallacombe 36
3rd PlaceTerry Wilson 35 c/b
C GRADE WinnerTony Kershaw 37
Runner UpJim Prendergast 36
3rd PlaceMike Hill 35

All players in the ‘Aussie Attack’ Team

NTP – 3rd HoleLance Horn
NTP – 4th HoleWayne Hastie/David Tink
NTP – 6th HoleA Skinner
NTP – 7th HoleMatt Saunders
NTP – 10th HoleWayne Hastie
NTP – 12th HoleJohn Stewart
NTP – 13th HoleA Skinner
NTP – 15th HoleDave Chapman

Brian Clemow – Eagle on 1st

A great 41 by Terry McCulloch.

Grant Smallacombe supported by Vice Captain, Con Russell, led a well drilled ‘Aussie Attack’ Team to another victory making it three in a row.

Aussie Attack (Grant S...): 363
Internationals (Jim Henderson): 345
True Blue Aussies (Dave Lyons): 341