VETS (Wednesday): Results for 13/10/2021

POST TITLEVETS (Wednesday): Results for 13/10/2021
EVENT DATE:13/10/2021
GAME TYPE:2 Man Ambrose
WINNERSPaul Nettles (V) & Alan Pritchard (V) 58¾
2nd PLACETony Bernhagen & Kelvin Brittain 59¼
3rd PLACET3 John Stewart & Andy Stewart, T3 Don Esposito & Kerry Davies 61¼
TEAMS in Rundown:

Ian Mulhall & John Barringer
Studley Martin & Andre Smit
Geoff Cowan & Peter Buchbach
Dennis Beckhaus & Garry Webster
Grathan Leatherbarrow & Bob Read
Michael Loe & Tony Kershaw
Jack Timm & Wayne Carty
Mark Woolway & Tony Foster
Ray Lally & Greg Flanagan
Derek Wood & Ian Lumsden
John Butler & Terry Wilson

NTP – 3rd HolePeter Brown
NTP – 4th HoleGrant Smallacombe
NTP – 6th HoleMike O’Donnell
NTP – 7th HoleKelvin Brittain
NTP – 10th HoleIan Lumsden
NTP – 12th HoleMike Smith
NTP – 13th HoleRod Roemerman
NTP – 15th HoleKeith Harkins
LUCKY DRAWKerry Martin (again), Michael Loe, Michael Lunney, Peter Jeucken, Grathan Leatherbarrow, Rob Nash

A record field of 106 including 8 visitors for a 2 Man Ambrose with a ‘twist’.  Visitors Paul Nettles and Alan Pritchard put in a great effort to take the main prize, particularly as this was there first time on the course.

Thetwist’ required teams to play 6 tee shots off the red tees, 6 off the white tees and 6 off the blue tees testing advance planning ability!

After winning a second bottle of wine in the lucky draw in three weeks Kerry Martin is now know as Kerry (I win everything) Martin.

A honorable mention for the Smallacombe and Henderson team with 63½ but, no prize – a life membership and being captain and vice captain counts for nothing!!

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