VETS (Wednesday): Results for 12/08/2020

EVENT DATE:12/08/2020
SPONSOR/PRIZE DONOR/s‘The Golf Pirates’ (Terry Wilson, John Round, Bob Atkin)
A GRADE WinnerBrett LeMoy 40
Runner UpGrathan Leatherbarrow 37
3rd PlacePaul Hennessy (Vis) 35 c/b
B GRADE WinnerJohn Stewart 43
Runner UpGraeme Osborne 39
3rd PlaceTrevor Kinneally 34
C GRADE WinnerKevin Pickford 39
Runner UpRon Blount 37 c/b
3rd PlaceJim Henderson 37

Derek Clayton, Errol Radley, Andy Stewart, Peter Piggott, Tony Hayes, Greg Michael, Terry Magill, Tony Bernhagen, Kerry Davies, Greg Flanagan, Ken McKay, Mark Woolway, Joe Daniels, Don Esposito, Don Clelland, Peter Smith, Geoff Cowan, Con Russell, Bill Hesse, Andrew Aves, David Tink

NTP – 4th HoleGraeme Osborne
NTP – 6th HoleBob Read
NTP – 7th HoleBrett LeMoy
NTP – 10th HoleTrevor Kinneally
NTP – 12th HoleAndrew Carson
NTP – 13th HoleTony Bernhagen
NTP – 15th HoleDavid Tink
LUCKY DRAW:Errol Radley, Bill Hesse, Dale Rickard, Derek Clayton, Don Esposito, Kevin Pickford

The course is in magnificent condition – great work by the Todd and the Greens staff.  A great round of 43 by one of our early starters, John Stewart, to win B Grade.

Don ‘still dangerous’ Clelland got bogged and had to be towed out.

Three new members joined us for their first game with the Vets and walked away with some prizes – we might need to check their birth certificates.  Welcome to David Tink, Richard Gibson and Kevin Pickford.