VETS: SPOtY Leaderboard at 12th June 2019

Lance Horn increases his lead.

click to view SPotY Leaderboard at 12/06/2019

FORMAT AND RULES:  A player’s 10 best Stableford points are aggregated for the calendar year.  The Leaderboard, updated after each contributing competition, allows players to track progress.


1st Place: $100.00 value plus embroided logo golf shirt.
2nd Place: $80.00
3rd Place: $75.00
4th Place: $70.00
5th Place: $65.00
6th Place: $60.00
7th Place: $55.00
8th Place: $50.00
9th Place: $45.00
10th Place: $40.00


Count-back 1 Highest 6 game total
Count-back 2  Highest 3 game total
Count-back 3  Highest 1 game total