Results from Members Guest Day 27th July 2013

EVENT: 4 Person Ambrose

WINNERS: Peter Cork, Tony Gordon, Tom Williams, Pete Jeucken (52 5/8)

RUNNERS UP: Peter and Leah Eldridge, Steve and Cathy Comer (Caboolture) ( 54 ¼)

3rd PLACE: Ron Blount, Brent Jesberg, Grant Smallacombe, Ian Hall

4th PLACE: Pat Carroll, David Shing, Ray Nolan, John Pitt

PIN SHOTS: 4th – Brian Porter, 7th – Karen Hall, 10th – Geoff Linde, 12th – Nic Hall, 15th – George Watson

PRO PIN: Brad Jordison (0.97m), Pat Carroll (2.21m), Phil Giblett (4.23m)

MAPLE STREET SURGERY APPROACHES: 1st – Nic Hall, 13th – Andy White

WEEKLY RAFFLE: 1 – Phil Giblett, 2 – Grant Smallacombe, 3 – Tom Williams ($25:00)

Next week the Men’s Club Championships begin, in conjunction with the August Medal.

Winners - 4 Person Ambrose


Runners Up - 4 Person Ambrose