News FROM THE SHED – September 2018

Unfortunately we had the theft of approximately 3 trailer loads of fire wood that had been stored behind the 4th tee, a result of an excellent working bee involving close to 30 volunteers on the 13th of August.  Two people were observed on the following Thursday 16th, with a trailer, but were not challenged.  Likely to be someone who has access to a key to the side gate near cart sheds.  This fire wood was stored for sale so the theft represents loss of valuable income for the club.  If you have any information please speak to Wayne or Dave Lyons.

Work Approved by Management Committee

  • Prepare area in front and to right of 4th Tee in for a green couch nursery.  Construction is underway (picture) so please stay well clear of the area.
  • Install irrigation on 17th fairway up to creek at a cost of ~$720.00, the cost of four sprinklers.  Water access, piping etc are already available.
  • Move fill from back of 15th green to cover large bare patches on right hand side of 1st fairway.


A very successful day on 17th September continuing the work of raising the tree canopy (Job J15).  We can now see through to the 16th fairway and green from the 17th fairway

Raising the tree canopy improves aesthetics, airflow and drying across the course and is critical to reducing playing downtime and revenue loss from wet weather. This working bee is another important step forward in broader plans for improving the course.

Our thanks to the following ladies for their efforts and a great morning tea:  Rosemary Caffyn, Carmel Clarke, Anne Kenzler, Wendy O’Hare, Aileen Morton, Desley Walker and Terri Cairns.  Thanks to gents: Peter Buchbach, Graeme Caffyn, Don Clelland, Alan Kenzler, Jim Henderson, Jim Henderson, Wayne McKinnon, Graham Laing, John Cairns and Dave Lyons.

Greens Staff Activities

Rex Williams is away for approximately two months.  As a valued member of staff Rex will be missed in the shed.

  • With some 35 mm of much needed rain over the past month staff have been busy locating drainage and repairing where necessary. Extra drainage inspection pits have been added to monitor water leaving the greens and also allows air movement through to the green profile.  Some concerns with plastic lining previously laid over drainage pipes which could stop water entering the pipe.
  • Pruning around 9th green completed.
  • Solid tyne cored all wet greens to reduce compaction to top surface of green.
  • Irrigation extension to 13th tee (picture) completed to allow the sprinkler to cover the whole tee area.
  • Completed top dressing of pot holes on 4th fairway.
  • Greens, tees and fairways sprayed with nutritional fertiliser to improve quality of grass with rain and warmer weather.
  • Slicing of tees completed and gypsum and wetting agent applied.
  • Extra seed added to 18th fairway to ensure 100% coverage.
  • Investigated possibility of using waste water from Lake MacDonald without success but have established a positive relationship with Unity Water which has indicated a willingness to do whatever they can to assist the club.