MEN (Saturday): Results for 2nd March 2019

EVENT DATE:02/03/2019
GAME TYPE:Monthly Medal
MONTH:2019 03
WINNER – A GradeGeorge Hall 79/68 c/b $50 Wright Meats
WINNER – B GradeGreg Michael 82/68 $50 Wright Meats Vou
WINNER – C GradeAdam Linde 84/63 $50 Wright Meat Vouche
RUNNER UP – A GradePaul Dudman 81/68 c/b $25 b/cr
RUNNER UP – B GradeDavid Tink 84/70 c/b $25 b/cr
RUNNER UP – C GradeKent Griffith 95/70 c/b $25 b/cr
PLAYERS in Rundown:


D.Wood 70;  D.Pearce 70;  T.Williams 70;  M.Topper 71;  D.Clayton 72;  T.Gordon 72;  B.Jesberg 72;  M.Bartholomeus 72;  G.Flanagan 73;  J.Ruig 73;  L.Horn 73;  T.Foster 73;  B.Robertson 73.
NTP – 4th Hole (Acktion Fire Alarms)Kaleb Hamilton 2 Golf Balls
NTP – 6th HolePaul Dudman 2 Golf Balls
NTP – 7th Hole (Coopers Brewery)Tony Foster Coopers 6Pack
NTP – 10th Hole SUPER PINNull and Void
NTP – 12th Hole (Cooroy Hotel)Greg Michael $30 Cooroy Hotel Voucher
NTP – 15th HoleBrent Jesberg 2 Golf Balls
SUPER PIN JACKPOTNot Won approx $265 next week
APPROACHES1st Hole: Women : A.Skinner Men: K.Brittain 2 Golf Balls each. Sponsor K.Tonkin/S.Cordwell.
RAFFLE WINNERS:1. M.Kent 2. L.Horn 3. C.Michael. Sleeve of prov1x each.


A big thank you to WRIGHT CUT MEATS for sponsoring our monthly medal competitions.

Congratulations to the winners and prize winners today on another difficult day on the golf course.

All the best to our pennant players tomorrow.

Cheers Brent.