MEN (Saturday): Results for 29/06/2019

EVENT DATE:29/06/2019
GAME TYPE:Stableford
WINNER – Division 1Joe Daniels 33points $50b/cr
RUNNER UP – Division 1Kerry Davies 32pointsc/b Golf Glove
PLAYERS in Rundown:

D.Pearce 32: A.Campion 31: P.Buchbach 30: B.Price 30: R.Pajak 29: S.Agerbeek 29: T.Hayes 28: P.Jeucken 28: B.Jesberg 28.

NTP – 4th HoleN/A
NTP – 6th Hole (Peter’s Cafe)George Hall 2Golf Balls.
NTP – 7th Hole (Coopers Brewery)Cyril Trist Coopers 6Pack.
NTP – 10th Hole SUPER PINMark Kennedy $27b/cr.
NTP – 12th Hole (Cooroy Hotel)Weang Brown Cooroy Hotel Voucher.
NTP – 15th HoleCraig Black 2Golf Balls.
SUPER PIN JACKPOTNot Won Approx. $950 next week.
RAFFLE WINNERS:1. Ron Blount. 2. Joel Kennedy. 3. Phil Giblett. Sleeve Prov1 each.

Very wet conditions and no motorised carts reduced the field to just 30 players today which i think we all required webbed feet due to the sloppy conditions. Scoring was very difficult but a few goooooood scores were recorded. Next week is a monthly medal we will hope for better weather. Cheers the Mudlark.