MEN (Saturday): Results for 21/12/2019

EVENT DATE:21/12/2019
EVENTXmas Shield
GAME TYPE:4 Person Ambrose
WINNERSNeil Dwyer/Kieth Bell/Lester Bonnell/Kaleb Hamilton 59/48.75 Xmas Hams ea
2nd PLACEDave Tink/Richard Gibson/Aileen Morton/Mark Kelly 58/50.75 Titleist Shirt ea
3rd PLACESandra Clemow/Brian Clemow/Weang Brown/Beatrice Bruin 66/51.75 FJ Glove ea
4th PLACEJoel Kennedy/Gary Anderson/Daniel Davy/Liam Cobb 63/52.375 Coopers Pk
5th PLACERuss Rylance/Kent Griffith/Peter Jeucken/Tom Williams 60/52.625 Coopers Pack
6th PLACETerry Lyons/Shayne Payne/Greg Flanagan/Jason Egan 60/53 Coopers Pack
TEAMS in Rundown:

N.A.G.A encouragement award: Rod Roemermann/Mike Miklenda/Jocelyn Rabjohns/Russell Ashby Bottle wine ea

NTP – 4th HolePeter Jeucken IGA Fruit Pk
NTP – 6th HoleTerry Lyons Pete’s Cafe voucher
NTP – 7th HoleMark Kelly IGA Fruit Pk
NTP – 10th Hole SUPER-PINMark Woolway $90 b/cr
NTP – 12th HolePat Carroll Cooroy Hotel Voucher
NTP – 15th HoleCraig Black IGA Fruit Pk
SUPER PIN JACKPOTNot Won.Next week $1000 approx

18th Hole 3rd Shot : Lyons/Payne/Flanagan/ Egan Coopers Pk

RAFFLE WINNERS:Hams to: G.Michael G.Cowan A.Kenzler R.Rylance D.Lyons D.Tink G.Flanagan

Congrats All. A fabulous end to the year. Excellent work P.O.T.Y Kelvin Brittain. Raffle Of Raffle Winner: Grant Smallacombe. Thanks to the Feature Group for the R.O.R. donation. And a very special thanks to The IGA boys who had a terrific score themselves but donated the prize back to the club. Merry Xmas. C.