MEN (Saturday): Results for 14/08/2021

EVENT DATE:14/08/2021
EVENTSingle Stableford
GAME TYPE:Stableford
WINNER – Division 1N.Ackland (37 on CB)—$50 BC
WINNER – Division 2D.Davy (37)—$50 BC
WINNER – Division 3P.Gannon (37 on CB)—$50 BC
RUNNER UP – Division 1P.Jeucken (37)—$30 BC
RUNNER UP – Division 2T.Gordon (35)—$30 BC
RUNNER UP – Division 3T.Kershaw (37)—$30 BC
PLAYERS in Rundown:

M.Kennedy, T.Foster, J.Bahr, D.Pearce, K.Pickford—1 Ball Each

APPROACHESBirdies All 1 Ball Each– D.Wip, M.Kelly, K.Davies, R.Gibson, N.Ackland, P.Carroll, B.Robbo, C.Trist, T.Robinson, G.Giblett(Korda), Hondo, M.Lunney, B.Le’moy, K.Pickford, C.Gannon, M.Woolway, D.Pearce
RAFFLE WINNERS:J.Daniels, K.Pickford, A.Aves—$20 BC Each

How good is it to be back playing golf after that week or so, felt like an eternity to most I bet. Congrats to all winners.

Club Champs will be announced once we have the green light from the government.

See you all next week—M D