MEN (Saturday): Results for 02/10/2021

EVENT DATE:02/10/2021
EVENTMonthly Medal
GAME TYPE:Monthly Medal
MONTH:2021 10
WINNER – A GradeA.Stewart (69 on CB)—$50 BC+ Medal
WINNER – B GradeR.Rashoi (67)—$50 BC+ Medal
WINNER – C GradeJ.Matheson (70)—$50 BC+ Medal
RUNNER UP – A GradeM.Kelly—$30 BC
RUNNER UP – B GradeG.M’Weather—$30 BC
RUNNER UP – C GradeT.Williams—$30 BC
PLAYERS in Rundown:

M.Kent, C.Trist, N.Ackland, G.L’Barrow, G.Ozzie, J.Norris, B.LeMoy, R.Pajak, P.Hutchinson, R.Roermermann, D.Chapman, S.Paice—-1 Ball Each

NTP – 4th HoleG.Anderson–2 Balls
NTP – 6th HoleN/A
NTP – 7th HoleT.Foster–2 Balls
NTP – 10th Hole SUPER PIND.Wood– $81 BC
NTP – 12th HoleP.Crosby–2 Balls
NTP – 15th HoleM.Kelly–2 Balls
RAFFLE WINNERS:T.Magill, C.Trist, D.Crosby—$20 BC Each

Congratulations to all winners throughout the field, the course was looking great with that bit of rain we had. Thankyou the greens crew on doing a great job. Next week we will be playing the Mel Bonnell 4bbb aggerate stableford off the white tee’s which will be held over the next fortnight.

Take Care