MEN (Masters Pennant): Results for 22nd April 2018


Maroochy River with the fan on high was a great way to finish the season….

Again a close loss going down 4 -3 to Headland which pretty much sums up our season.

Winners Peter Fryer, Jeff McDonald and great halves to Shane Scanlan and George Hall from where they both were earlier in their rounds. 

Big Big shout out to Peter Fryer who went through the season undefeated and is well in the mix for the Masters POTY.

Also a big shout out to Peter Buchbach who took plenty for the team being shunted around at the top of the order each week.

Thanks to all including Jeuks and Whip who helped us out earlier.

We host the final next Sunday and all hands on deck would be appreciated.

With that done there is nothing much else than…

Game Over for another season.