GemLife/Cooroy Golf Club Development Application – November UPDATE

As explained by James Brownsworth (representing GemLife), at the club 2020 AGM, the development application has successfully navigated many of the major checkpoints to approval and continues to resolve technical and procedural issues.

Final approval will be heavily influenced by Noosa Councillors. 

Many members formally registered their support for the development through the public comment process.  As the development application moves into the final stages of approval we encourage members to indicate their support by sending an email DIRECT to individual Councillors.  

If you click on an email address below it will open a new email in your electronic mail system with the email address included.  You can add a Subject – ‘GemLife/Cooroy Golf Club – Development Application ref MCU19/0114 & RAL19/0027“, include your comments and reasons for support and then send.

Mayor – Clare Stewart:
Deputy Mayor – Frank Wilkie:
Karen Finzel:
Joe Jurisevic:
Amelia Lorentson
Brian Stockwell

If you want a refresh on the reasons for supporting this development click on the following link and then click on ‘Information’ for the benefits. You can disregard ‘Submission of Support’ and include your support representation and reasons in the email directed to individual Councillors.

GemLife Information

Councillor Community Chats on again

Councillors are hitting the road again with their Councillors Chat sessions.

Councillors will again be visiting different parts of the shire as part of their monthly informal catch up with residents.

On 27th November the Councillors will be at Boreen Point, Sunrise Beach and Peregian Beach from 10:00 to 11:30 am.

There is no need to make a booking; residents can simply pop in any time during the hour and a half session and have a catch up.

You can catch up with Councillors at;

Boreen Point – Apollonian Hotel, 19 Latina Street.

Peregian Beach – Raw Energy, 224 David Low Way

Sunrise Beach – Beach Chalet, 1 Tingira Crescent

This is another great opportunity to interact directly with Councillors and advocate for approval of the development and the benefits that it will provide for both the golf club and wider community.