From THE SHED – Autumn

Kirsty Herring – Course Superintendent

Well we’re on the downhill run to winter.

The course has recovered well from the wet weather and thank you to everyone for your patience over February and March. It was actually a drier summer than previous years but we still had a whopping 1196mm of rain since the 15th of January.

We have good grass cover at the moment and ropes have been put in place around some of the usual worn areas to hopefully get them through winter.  Please keep an eye out for them and follow the directions.

A concrete path is going in over the next few days on the 18th over the drain on the roadside for carts coming and going from the buggy sheds and for carts on the 18th when the course is wet.  Please use it wherever possible to reduce traffic on the 18th fairway.

Our monthly working bee has been going great. This month work included the roof on the halfway house being put up, markers and blocks on tees were painted and many utility loads of debris got picked up.  Thank you to everyone who participated.

The date of the next working bee will be advised shortly. We will be pruning trees and need as many hands and utilities/trailers as possible to help clean up.

Hope to see you then!

Happy golfing!


8th May 2013