2017 Cooroy MEN's OPEN
Draw Announced

12th July, 2020

Hi reader,

We have completed the Draw for the 2017 Open and updated the official List of Nominations published on The Club website to include the Starting Tee for each group.

Registration will open at 6:30 am on event day with separate registration points in the clubhouse for visitors and Cooroy Golf Club members.  The $25.00 entry fee must be paid by 8:00 am.  Registration will close at 8:00 am sharp.

Once you register, collect your Player Handout pack and ensure you check the contents for the random special prize.

As there is a large field, we encourage players to register early and then enjoy a free coffee or tea with light refreshments, buy a raffle ticket and catch up with golfing friends.

Parking is available in the lower car park for players bringing a motorised cart.  Entry is via the lower gate furthermost from the clubhouse. 

There will be an official welcome and briefing at 8:05 am before players head out for an 8:30 am shotgun start.

If you find you need to fuel up during your round, drinks and hot/cold food will be available on course at Marty's Hut near the 5th/7th greens. 

Lunch will be available in the clubhouse from 11:30 am.

If you have nominated, but are unable to play, please let us know urgently at startersbox@cooroygolf.com.au or on 07 5447 6258 so we can adjust the field.

We look forward to seeing you on Sunday, 25th June

Enjoy the day and play good golf.


Men's Open Event Committee


Trist's Golf Tips
This Beautiful Game: Technique 2

Throughout your backswing the tilt of your spine must remain relatively constant. This is known as ‘Spine Angle’. 

It is the amount of tilt your spine creates when you bend over at address.  It differs for everyone according to their amount of hip flex and knee bend. 

In fact the way your spine moves throughout your swing is crucial to hitting good golf shots.

Watch some videos of the top golfers and see if you can see what their spine is up to.


Cyril "The Guru" Trist


2017 Cooroy Men's Open: Official List of Nominations (PUB)

EVENT: 2017 Cooroy Men's Open - 18 Hole Stroke, off Blue markers WHEN: Sunday, 25th June 2017    SHOTGUN START: 8:30 am  REGISTRATION BY: 8:00 am ENTRY FEE: $25.00, includes finger food.  HIRE CART: $35.00 (Visitors), $30.00 (Members)  VISITOR MOTORISED CART: No cost The following is the Official List of Nominations received.  The 'List' can be sorted by clicking on …

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