WOMEN (Tuesday): Results for 29th March 2016

Event: 3 Clubs & Putter – Front nine.

Winner: Marion Hawkins 19 c/b.

Runner- Up: Eve Hunt 19 c/b.

Run Down: Chris Michael 18, Leith Barr 17, Sue Piggott 16 c/b, Bettina Thomas 16 c/b.

Approaches: 0-15 Colleen Sykes. 16-23 Helen Coogan.

Gobblers: Juanita Langford, Sue Piggott.

Considering it was the day after Easter, school holidays and several match plays out on the course we had a very healthy turn up of 20 players.

It was nice to welcome Bettina Thomas today and hopefully she will be able to join us when work permits.

The course is in very good condition after all the rain and the mowers are going flat out trying to keep up with our flourishing fairways. Don’t forget to give way to all ground staff as they are the ones keeping our course looking so beautiful.

There will be no Tuesday golf next week as it is our annual Invitation Day.  For those who are playing in this event don’t forget to bring something for the continuous raffle as I mentioned yesterday.  The following week we will be starting at 8.00 am which I think will make some people very happy.

Juanita Langford – Tuesday Co- Ordinator.