WOMEN (Tuesday): Results for 24th May 2016

Event: Stableford – Front 9.

Winner: Aileen Morton 22.

Runner-Up: Leith Barr 19.

Run Down: Wendy Morse 17 c/b, Colleen Sykes 17 c/b, Juanita Langford 16, Anne Winning 15 c/b.

Approaches: 0-15 Juanita Langford, 16-23 Lyn Becker.

Gobblers: Barbara Kerr, Sue Austenberg.

Eighteen players today enjoyed excellent conditions for playing golf.  The course is looking better every week and everyone is appreciating all the good work the men have been doing out on the course.  I especially like the fact that the approaches around the greens are being mown on a regular basis and the 12th tee is looking magnificent.  Bob Watson has posted some great pics of the new tee and they really show just how much hard work has gone into this very worthy project.

Next Tuesday will test the players skills as it is 3 clubs and a putter only…good luck everyone.

Juanita Langford – Tuesday Co- Ordinator.