WOMEN (Tuesday): Results for 15th March 2016

Event: Stroke & Putts – Front Nine.

With many of our regular players missing for various reasons we still had a healthy number of 23 players . It was lovely to welcome Joyce McKay who usually plays on Thursdays and Saturdays to our day especially as she turned 85 a few days ago and she brought  her very good friend Beryl Mackey from Hervey Bay who I believe is the wonderful age of 87 and still playing great golf……..well done ladies.

It was also pleasing to see some of our VERY new players beginning to turn up, and I might add, playing some lovely golf…..keep it up everyone. The course was a little damp but everyone seemed to manage quite well and the greens only need a little more time and they will be in great shape.

Winner: Leith Barr (32).

Runner- Up: Maria Taurer (36).

Rundown: Eve Hunt (38) c/b, Maz Hawkins (38) c/b, Aileen Morton (39) c/b, Rosie Smith (39) c/b, Weang Brown (40) c/b.

Approaches: 0-15 Eve Hunt. 16-23 Aileen Morton (in the hole).

Putts: Judy Kitcher 14 Putts.

Gobblers: Beryl Mackey, Sandy Viney.

Juanita Langford – Tuesday Co-Ordinator.