WOMEN (Thursday): Results for 28th July 2016

Event – Stroke & Flag

Trophy – S. Piggott

Flag – D. Holewa (65)

Winner – C. Clark (65) c/b

Runner-up – D. Holewa (65)

Rundown – J. Rabjohns (68), C. Clancy (69), K. Gilmour (70), B. Taylor(70), M. Willett(72), F. Wiggins(73), J. Kitcher(73), M. Lucas(74), W. O’Hare (74), A. Morton (74), T. Cairns (74)

Approaches – C. Clancy, J. Langford, B. Taylor

Longest Putt – C. Clark

Well done and some great scores.  Great to have Dianne visiting us from Sarina.  Welcome back to Shay after 10 weeks overseas and safe travels to Mary and Wendy on your overseas travel.

Remember Club Championships are happening in August.  It is not too late to nominate.

Happy golfing

Wendy O’Hare
Women’s Golf Director