VETS: Newsletter week ending 30th July 2016


This week we played host to Maroochy River on Monday and attracted 42 visitors which is a great effort by them.  Our visitors enjoyed themselves but could not adjust to the trees on our course and the slow pace of our greens.  They therefore found scoring difficult and the run down went to 31.

Wednesday’s Stableford was played in similar conditions and saw a great improvement in the scores returned.  The run down went to 37.

Golf PirateOur Wednesday sponsor was “The Golf Pirates” consisting of Don Pigdon, John Round, and Ron Bourne – of course they are not really Pirates but all the good pseudonyms were taken.  Thank you for your support and it was great that John made the effort to stay around after his game and present the prizes.

I don’t want to dwell on it too much, but it is my belief that the running of shotgun start events not only goes a long way towards creating a very pleasant social environment, but it also gives our sponsors the opportunity to be recognised and have the opportunity to present their prizes in front of a large group of members.  Unfortunately like this week by the time presentation took place, we only had about 15 members left at the club.


Coming up on Tuesday the 16th August is our Host Day at Gympie – always a good day.  You can nominate online (see separate email to members with on-line link) or see Rod Booth.

On Monday the 22nd August we host Headland and Noosa.  The nomination sheet for this game is on our notice board.


This year the District Vets Carnival and Championship will be held at Mt Coolum on Monday, 29th August 2016.    Nomination is via the on-line nomination facility.  Nominations close on 21st August 2016.

Click on the following link to access the on-line nomination Form – Vets District Carnival & Championship

There are 240 places available.  Once the limit has been reached you will be wait listed so if you want to nominate you should do so quickly.    Before you nominate ensure you read ALL the help and notes provided.

If you have any difficulties or are not confident about on-line nomination speak to Rod Booth.

Cooroy Vets were well represented at last years Carnival with some considerable success.  It would be great to do it again in 2016.


Event: Stableford
Prize Donor: “The Golf Pirates” – John Round, Don Pigdon & Ron Bourne
Field: 80

Winners: A Grade – Ray Lally 41, B Grade – Graeme Meade 41, C Grade – Ray Glover 41 c/b
Runners Up: A Grade – Greg Flanagan 40, B Grade – Grant Smallacombe 40 c/b, C Grade – Brad Lavender 44
3rd Place: A Grade – John Stewart 39, B Grade – Don Clelland 40, C Grade – Jim Prendergast 42

Run Down to 37: Mike Smith, Ron Blount, AC Dick, Chris Simpson, Michael Andersen, Bill Galvin, Kevin Crundall, Rod Harper, Paddy Knapp, Bob Brookfield, Peter Reilly, Rob Nash, Bob Noble, Tony Kershaw, Errol Radley, Kim Bannikoff, Andre Smit.


4th (Richies Bakery/Fox & Hound Espresso) – Brian Clemow
6th – Michael Andersen
7th – Michael Loe
10th (Cooroy Harvest Fresh) – Nick Kostalas
12th – Lindsay Sheppard (Vis)
13th (Cooroy Golf Club) – Rob Powell
15th (Noosa Outlook Prestige Meat) – Bruce McLean

Captain’s Choice 16th 3rd Shot: Don Clelland

Lucky Draw: Leigh Gow (Vis), Terry Hymas, John Dangar, Mike Smith


Event: Stableford
Visitors: Maroochy River
Sponsors: smallPRINT Australia Pty Ltd & Cooroy Vets
Field: 78

Winners: A Grade – John Miller (MR) 36 c/b, B Grade – Dale Rickard 41 c/b C Grade – Mike Miklenda 39
Runners Up: A Grade – Dave Lyons 36, B Grade – Ken Hinton (MR) 41, C Grade – Rod Booth 35 c/b
3rd Place: A Grade – Greg Michael 35, B Grade – John Wehlon (MR) 40, C Grade – Rod Harper 35

NTP (all in):

4th – Greg Michael
6th – Bob Noble
7th – Grant Smallacombe
10th – John Miller (MR)
12th – Joe Seethleither (MR)
15th – Brian McLoughlin