WOMEN: Club Championship Results


Club Champion:                 Margie Lucas  (358)
Division 1 Nett Champion:  Terri Cairns  (282)

Division 2 Champion:           Sonja Cordwell  (381)
Division 2 Nett Champion:   Anita Highland  (292)

Division 3 Champion:           Colleen Sykes  (409)
Division 3 Nett Champion:   Sue Sendall  (298)

The Championships started off with a record number of women (32) but some unfortunately fell by the wayside, due to ill health and other personal reasons.  Congratulations to those who completed all four rounds and to all those who displayed a truly sporting attitude.

Results from 17 August 2017

EVENT:  4th Round Club Championships – Stroke

TROPHY:  Bissett Electrical Contractors, Pomona.

WINNER:  Desley Walker (69).

RUNNER-UP:  Terri Cairns (70 c/b), Sue Sendall (71).      

RUNDOWN:  Maz Hawkins (70), Colleen Sykes (70), Jocelyn Rabjohns (72), Carole Clancy (72), Fay Wiggins (72), Carolyn Foster (73), Sonja Cordwell (74), Sue Sendall (74), Margie Lucas (74), Judy Kitcher (74), Helen Doughty (74).

APPROACHES:  Margie Lucas, Robyn Tate.

LONGEST PUTT:   Fay Wiggins.